The title of this blog obviously refers to our little family’s long “way to go” before we’re homesteading in any sort of recognizable way.  (We’re renting a house, so for the first time in forever there is enough light to grow things, but not much actual earth available to us to do it in.)  But the title is also inspired by two sources, both of them, naturally, movies (though surprisingly, for us, not M*A*S*H, which we are ardent fans of):

Show me the way to go home

I’m tired and I want to go to bed

I had a little drink about an hour ago

and it went right to my head

Wherever I may roam

On land or sea or foam

You can always hear me singing this song

Show me the way to go home.

~the song the guys were singing right before the shark started destroying their boat, Jaws

What a Way to Go! a movie with Shirley MacLaine as a character who only wants a simple rustic life but every man she meets and marries inadvertently ends up successful and dies from it:  am I the Shirley MacLaine character or the men who start off simple who then become obsessed with and die from success?  The jury is still out.

Me?  I was born and grew up in one of the largest cities in the U.S., which I call Artificity.  When I left that city in 1995, I hoped to never return and lived in a number of different places.  I did return, but only to couple up with Lionel, my long lost boyfriend, and have a baby.  Then I got an academic job and the three of us escaped to a place where our dreams of living in the country are more likely to be realized.  Here, in this unloved area of this Diamond-in-the-Rough state, we might just be able to make our dreams come true in the next three or so years.  Though on bad days when we seem to be slogging along working alongside stupidity for goals we don’t share, we just long to just pack up the car full of camping gear and disappear into the woods.

This blog chronicles my journey and experiments with the different facets of homesteading I can try while living in a rented house while also being a professor working at a college pretty antithetical to my anti-corporate, anti-consumerist values.

So there are many meanings to this.  I’m trying to work my way out to the country, maybe even out of my job.  I’m trying to find my way home(stead) with the sort of wild compass of the drunk.  But even if we never make it, the journey to self-sufficiency and a more real, more connected life is mostly fun. . .so, what a way to go!


Your thoughts?

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