Notes from a Housebound Mom

So today is Toby’s first day off from school — the start of a nearly two week-long vacation.  Lionel is at work.  We spent this morning taking my car into the shop for a seriously bad-sounding rattling noise.  The shop is closed tomorrow and on until, I’m guessing, Tuesday, so they’ll diagnose it today and then it will be declared drivable or not drivable.  I may not have a car for the long weekend.  How will I get to the North Pole to talk to Santa?

Right now, we’re watching Bob the Builder’s Christmas special.  My eyes glaze over the minute the opening credits begin.  I don’t have a crochet project right now — I finished crocheting a blanket for Toby (while watching the entire Inspector Morse series), but I still need to weave the ends in and that sort of stuff.  You know — the nonfun part.  I should get on that, because I could do that and watch Bob the Builder Christmas special.  I have left over yarn and want to make Toby a hat, but I’ve never made one before so it’s not something I could do without total attention on it.  In the next two weeks, I’ll be lucky to have any time to do anything with total attention.  I wonder if I’ll even get to watch my library rentals of Foyle’s War.  Sigh.

Toby found the peanut butter I bought for him to try out (made by the same company that makes his seed butter, which is pretty much all he eats just now — for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if we’ll let him), decided he wanted some, and declared it good.  He ate a quarter of a sandwich.  I would consider this a major victory because one of the things I want to do with him over the next two weeks is expand his repertoire of foods so he can have some variety in his lunches.  (Current lunch looks like this:  seed butter sandwich, cashews, Elmo crackers, and blueberry Yobaby yogurt.  If he’s very lucky, I include a banana or a homemade low-sugar banana muffin.  The last few days I’ve included some carrots and/or celery, but this is purely for show because I know he won’t touch it, but his new school recommends fruits and vegetables — and it’s weird being the organic mom who can’t manage to get her kid to eat vegetables.  He used to eat sweet potato and squash organic baby food religiously — way past the age when he should be eating jars — but I can’t get him to eat homemade versions of the same, even pureed as best as I can without a food processor.)  But, of course, anything involving peanuts or nuts in general is a mixed blessing because so many kids are allergic that bringing that into a group environment is often dangerous or even outlawed.

In order to keep myself from going insane today (I’m feeling under the weather and that’s a recipe for a very grouchy day here at the homestead), I might post outtakes of the day here.

Here’s one:  what damn fool bought all these wooden train whistles?  Toby just came at me wanting to do dueling whistles.

Here’s another from earlier:  who gets so much mud on their car that everyone who steps into it ends up with muddy pants, then says it doesn’t matter if we wash the car because it’ll just get muddy again from the dirt road he takes to work?  A dirt road that is entirely optional, I might add.  I’m doing laundry, including my only non-holey jeans and Toby’s sweats.  We are not amused.


2 responses to this post.

  1. this pretty much sounds like my version of hell. I must confess I’d have put on the 24 hour PBS kids channel by this point in order to get some “me” time.


  2. Posted by waytogohomesteader on December 22, 2011 at 4:54 pm

    I hear ya. Many of the Thomas and Bob videos have a loop play, so you can just leave them on forever. I may be doing that very soon. Though keeping Toby from watching nonstop TV was one of my goals, I may have to revise it in light of this car business. I’m not good at being indomitable. I hear Lionel.


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