I’ve Done Plenty, Just Not “Work”

Thank you all for sharing your ideas about organizing your work.  I’m still stuck on what exactly to do, though.  I think I’d lose papers — both my home desk and my work desk are a mess of papers.  I do use the little computer post-its and have some to-do lists there, but I’d like something more than that — something more detailed, a sheet on each project so I can keep myself organized.  I don’t know.  I know that the main thing here is that I should just choose one and get on with it.  I’ll probably go ahead and use some lists on the blog (and then keep more detailed pages on the computer), because the idea of public accountability may get me to be more diligent.  But it’s hard to get my mind on it right now.

This morning I went to the supermarket and to the butcher’s after I dropped Toby off at school.  So now we’re pretty much ready for Christmas — by which I mean Christmas dinner, not presents.  (It was important that I get this done now because tomorrow I take in my car for repair and who knows when I’ll get it back.)  And then I came home and chatted on Facebook with a friend, which was totally and completely worthwhile.  I also just did some needed paperwork and emailed a friend who came back into town who I’d like to get together with before Winter quarter eats me up.  I really just want to connect with friends right now, not work.  I’m ready for merriment!  Which is not, I’ve noticed, conducive to getting work done even as the countdown to 2 weeks of Toby keeps on going.

So now the difficulty is getting my mind back engaged with my elective (which I was thinking about this morning before I got Toby up) and my article (not so much).  Hmmm.  Maybe, instead, I’ll make those lists.  Perhaps the lists will help me get back into it.  Or I’ll hit a wall with the lists and procrastinate by working on the elective or article!

I hope your countdown to the holidays is full of merriment and relaxation, not the rush and crush of mall shopping.  (Unless you like that.)



One response to this post.

  1. tee hee, I’ve wrapped gifts for the GPs and packed up their boxes for the postal pick up, facetimed my parents, chatted with a friend on FB, and FINALLY FINALLY made myself at least finish a section.

    I use a straight up word document to map out goals/timelines. old school but works best for me. It doesn’t really track or nag me though.


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