Trying to Blog My Way to Working and Getting Organized

11:30 am already?  Facebook sucks.  Or, more accurately, I suck on Facebook, where I’ve spent way too much of my time this morning.

Toby is at his new school.  We had two good ones to choose from, and it was tough.  Parenting sucks because there are so many decisions, and I never know if I’ve made the right one.  The good part is that Toby’s a trooper and will likely thrive anywhere — after all, the kid’s been in daycare since he was 15 months.  But I feel bad, especially because I really liked the teacher at the school we didn’t choose, but I really do think he’ll have a broader education — including peace education! — at the school we chose.  I hope I’ve made the right decision.  And rather than waste more time wringing my hands about that, I better move on.

Toby has two more days at school and then he’s home for two weeks, so I’m supposed to be making the most of these two days!  I have tons of work to do!  And then there are all sorts of home things I could be doing.  Oy.  What is wrong with me?

So here’s the work I’ve got going:

  1. Article due for collection Feb 1
  2. Article due for collection Mar 15
  3. Subset of Mar 15 article for Mar conference paper
  4. Prep winter elective
  5. Prep winter class
  6. Prep winter independent study (why, oh why did I agree to this?)
  7. Department service project
  8. Department service pilot project
  9. University service short-term project
  10. Department service ongoing project

I really do think that I need to have some kind of list or page for each of my projects so I can keep up with them.  Also I need this list to look at regularly so I stop wasting time due to not being able to manage the transition times very well. What would work?  Putting them in files on my computer?  Or having actual pieces of paper?  Do any of you do things like this?  Please feel free to comment with your organizational tactics.  Because I need some.  Physical calendars and things just don’t seem to work for me.  (Or I don’t work well with them.)

The good part of this terrible long list is if I can knock out these two articles and they’re ultimately accepted by the publishers and get published, then I will have the requisite number of publications listed in the tenure guidelines.  (Of course, this doesn’t mean I can just stop working on scholarship at that point but it does mean I can stop worrying over the numbers.)  So I imagine a challenging January and February.  So I better get to work!

How do you keep organized, especially during the holidays when everything is start and stop, start and stop?



5 responses to this post.

  1. Yay for the new school and the articles in the works!

    Re: organization: I’ve tried lots of different strategies. I used to carry around sketch book (unlined paper) that I would use as a catch-all for my notes, research ideas, class prep ideas, and to-do lists. I still carry it around, but I’ve found that I don’t use it much anymore.

    Way back in the day, I used an online service for managing projects, etc. I can’t remember the name of it now, but I found it cumbersome to have to log into a specific website and, back when I was using it, the process for adding/deleting tasks or categories was pretty tedious.

    What does work for my to-do lists now is the gmail task list. I use gmail for both work and personal email (I have my work email forwarded to my account & also use the google calendar), so I have the bad habit of staying logged in to email whenever I’m on the computer. What I like about the task lists(s) is that it’s easy to update and I can’t lose it like I might a piece of paper. I create multiple lists–one for each class, a research list, committees/service, etc–so that I keep the to-do’s from getting too cluttered. These lists came in pretty handy this quarter when I had to make sure that all three classes were fully prepped before I started teaching for the day.


  2. Posted by Ink on December 20, 2011 at 5:26 pm

    Congrats on the new school transition! It’s going to be great for him there. I just know it.

    And maybe use your blog for your projects? Since you are already blogging your way about it right now? 🙂

    I just use a paper calendar and make immediate to-do lists on a post-it that sticks to the calendar bookmark.


  3. Yay new preschools!

    You had two good choices, and you picked one. They both would have probably worked out just fine. With these multi-dimensional choices it is impossible to optimize– so satisficing is generally the best we can do.

    I use paper lists but my partner-in-blogging uses a google doc and we have a google accountability page (that’s private to us). Still, we can use more organization.


  4. Paper lists, fer sure. That way they’re perpetually cluttering in front of my face, and my desire to get rid of them motivates me.


  5. iCal, notes function in iMail, and timeline for projects that have to get done

    although DMAN this chapter is no where near done and it is 2 days from my (self-imposed) deadline


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