When Children Get Sick, Parenting Steps Up Ten Notches

Toby got sick with this horrible cough and I even thought Wednesday night that I heard a “whoop,” so I kept him at home from Montessori on Thursday and Friday.  On Thursday our drive-through pediatrician (got to replace that guy!  Not only does he look at my kid for three seconds, doesn’t talk to him at all, and treat me like an idiot, dismissing anything I say, he also calls me Mrs. Hardcastle, Lionel’s and Toby’s last name, when I’m Dr. Homesteader.  Even Lionel, who can be pretty traditional, says it’s pretty stupid in this day and age to assume a woman’s last name) said that he didn’t “think” it was pertussis, but here’s some broad-spectrum antibiotics anyway.  In fact, I realize now that I was just worried — and that his cough was really more of a bark (croup) than a whoop.  Though I was fully vaccinated as a child, I got whooping cough as an adult about ten years ago — and the coughing and chest ache is just unmistakable.  But the Montessori teacher told me that two children were assumed to have had pertussis and treated as such, though it wasn’t confirmed.  Since Toby hasn’t been vaccinated, I immediately worried in the pertussis direction.

Other than full-time day-and-night parenting, I’ve been crocheting, trying to figure out what to do with a half-bushel of Gala apples while the family is at home, and working on BAP, all in fits and starts only.  I lost a couple days on the conference paper I’m delivering next week.  The usual.

When I have an interesting thought in my head and the time to pursue it, I’ll blog.  I hope Toby’s going back to Montessori tomorrow.

Happy fall back, everyone!


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