Updates on Laundry Soap and Fall Garden

So here’s what the laundry soap looked like after resting overnight:



You can see that it’s kind of lumpy.  That recipe filled up two containers of laundry soap and there’s still a bit more.  The new laundry soap didn’t make the washer explode or anything.  We’re just doing our first load of laundry with them, so I’ll report back when I get off my butt and take the things out of the dryer.

Also, here’s the arugula now — and I’ve harvested at least twice now.  Yum.




And here’s the spinach.  I harvested only a few baby spinach leaves for the first time today because, of course, they’re still pretty tiny.  You can also see that I didn’t leave a lot of room between plants (nor is my weeding very effective).  When I planted everything so close together and then didn’t space them out it was because I imagined that it wouldn’t be too long before frost killed all, so at least I’d get a lot of baby greens.  But so far we haven’t had a frost.  Even my tomatoes are really doing their best to ripen.  I’ve gotten a whole lot of tomatoes off one plant in the last few days.  Pretty amazing considering the windy blustery weather that just started in the last two days, though no doubt the plant is putting out a last surge of energy in the hopes of passing its seed along.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Can you put something over them to keep them from the frost? I love spinach and love it when my parents’ garden is overflowing with it. I grew up with a huge garden and a fruit orchard in the yard. We had egg-laying chickens and raised our own grass-fed cows for beef. I want the garden, fruit trees, and egg-laying chickens one day. I love reading your blog!


  2. Posted by waytogohomesteader on October 26, 2011 at 11:41 am

    Oh TigerMomPhD, you grew up with the life I want!

    Yes, I’ve been covering my arugula and bringing in my newly sown containers of arugula and Tom Thumb seedlings, though I didn’t do it one night and lost half of my arugula seedlings. The peas, of course, fare better. I also brought in my gorgeous and abundant herbs, but how to overwinter them? ACK! I don’t really have a sunny window. Sigh.


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