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  1. while I do love montessori in principle, I think it is a better idea than practice. For example, fMhson totally could not handle the environment and while they preach that Montessori works for all kids, it clearly did not for him. In one banner day he both wrote on the table and broke a toy, serious-assed infractions for Montessori. I pulled him out after that. It was too stressful for both of us!


    • Posted by waytogohomesteader on October 1, 2011 at 12:58 pm

      When I picked Almost-Three at school that day, he had put on his shoes by himself! Ha! On Friday, Head Teacher said that he had a great day, though she said that earlier in the week it had been like the first day all over again. Almost-Three had been sick with a lingering cold, I reminded them.

      I don’t like it when Montessori becomes just as normalizing as traditional classrooms. Everyone has negative emotions that need to be expressed at times. Almost-Three especially must get out his woogies, and so he does laps around the house and sometimes needs to scream. Since he likes it when outside people respond to him as cute and pleasing, he has a huge need to get his negative emotions out here at home. When he gets his negative emotions out at school, that tells me he feels comfortable enough to do that — like the water he threw on the floor the other day. I don’t see the problem as long as he cleans it up, which Head Teacher enforced with him. I guess he didn’t want to use the mop and she worried to me that she didn’t want it to seem like a punishment, just the natural consequence of spilling.

      I want to support Montessori teachings at home, but I’m not going to try to get on the kid for being a whole person who has a lot of energy. I do want him to put away his things away before starting on something else (not my long suit), and I’d like to rotate his toys and all that, but to get on him all the time at home? I’m not driving myself crazy. Since I’m not very structured at all, I view Montessori as something that complements our home life, not as something to conform to.

      I think a great deal depends on the Head Teacher and what she (usually) is okay with. I think if a teacher gets upset with a kid for little kid behaviors (writing on a table, breaking a toy, spilling water on the floor), she’s in the wrong business. I do sometimes feel like my parenting is on trial — my lack of structure and the fact that he gets a lot of one-to-one attention because he’s an only child (though I’m ignoring him to write this comment — how much one-to-one attention does he really get?). Tough noonies, I say right now. But I have very little self-confidence as a parent, so it gets to me.


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