Fall/Winter Hopeful Farm

It seems only appropriate that I should start off this blog by the admission that I may be insane.  I live in a place with a pretty short summer.  We have real freezing and snow winter here.  The last few days, we’ve had frost warnings and the weather has fluctuated between nice and jeans-and-sweater weather.

But it’s also only been in the last few weeks that I had the energy and wherewithal to work on the raised bed.  (We moved here at the end of June and I’ve been working straight through from then until now, so a more reasonable summer growing season was difficult.  Instead I brought my then 19 plants in pots here and tended them.  I’m sure I’ll post on the results of all that soon, especially since I’m soon going to have to think carefully about overwintering the perennials.)  So I planned a fall garden of cold-tolerant veggies in this raised bed. This is the before picture, taken some time last week.


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  1. gorgeous and so jealous. I meant to get bulbs put in today but after dragging two kids to soccer I”m worn out. So tomorrow …. I did at least tom sawyer the kids into raking the first leaves for me 🙂


  2. Posted by waytogohomesteader on September 18, 2011 at 11:08 pm

    I can’t believe it’s bulb time again, though considering what I did last year (I took advantage of a thaw in something crazy like December or even January after missing the fall moment to plant bulbs in the wind — crazily some even came up!), it’s probably that I’m just not yet properly in tune with the seasons. My mother sucked at all this, and all my gardening knowledge is from books or self-taught.

    But I did see that the farmer’s market had bulbs today — though I was stocking up on meat, so I didn’t save any money for flowers.

    Ooh, we don’t have many turning leaves here yet — but I’m planning on bagging them and saving them for the compost bin I’m desperate to create. (Brown things versus green things. I’ve got plenty of green, but not so much the brown — and you’re supposed to have more brown than green, so the entire project of composting is waiting for the leaves.)


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